The meeting held on May 29th involved multiple representatives of both sides and a vote thrown in by council without hesitation in the favor of the club remaining as is with no changes to the bylaws. 

There is an election this year so it goes without saying that the vote of many will far outweigh the few and whether our point is just or not seems to be a mute point as they do have over three hundred potential voters. 

Health and well being of Leskard Residents does not seem to be important to the Municipality of Clarington unlike the well being of Uxbridge Residents where the bylaws have been amended to consider the residents and they are working on making things work for all. 

Perhaps the Ombudsmon of Canada needs to step in and manage our Municipality for the protection of few in the absence of "Right to quiet use" of our properties and the MOE recommendations for bylaws to be set at.  






June 2017

Tammy A GouldSales Representative, Local Orono Resident 
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